Choose your e Juice Carefully: Get the best

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Likewise, the heat of the steam increases the hit. Resistances, such as those in Clapton, are found which tend to produce a warmer vapour than ordinary resistances, and consequently to increase the hit. Of course, when we look for what liquid to choose, the nicotine rate is an essential criterion, specific to all e-liquid, but it is not the only criterion that counts for its selection. Depending on its composition, the e-liquid has a different rendering, both in terms of steam production and the sensation it gives. This is the reason that you can expect the best now with the cheap ejuice .

How to choose your PG / VG rate?

PG / VG are the 2 basic elements of an e-liquid. These are Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.

Propylene Glycol (PG) is a fairly fluid element; it easily impregnates the cotton wicks that support the e-liquid. Propylene Glycol is ideal for expressing all the aromas. It is generally derived from carbochemistry, and there are also plant origins. It is used in the pharmaceutical, agricultural and food fields. It tends to give more hit to the e-liquid. It produces steam, but not significantly. It is recommended for e-liquids with fruity aromas or tobacco.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is the vicious element, so thick; it slowly permeates the cotton. Its main asset is the production of steam. It creates a dense and persistent vapour. Some people like this aspect of the vape and use e-liquid in 100% VG to demonstrate coiling fixtures and performance atomizers.

The aromas are not expressed as well as with Propylene Glycol, which is why the aroma dosage is more important in e-liquids with high levels of Vegetable Glycerin. Vegetable Glycerin rounds the flavours, makes the e-liquid liquid of the vapoteuse sometimes creamier.

Not all clearomizers work optimally with e-liquids of this type. The material must be adapted; the liquid arrivals on the cotton part of the resistance must be large. Manufacturers take this feature into account to offer equipment that adapts to your e-liquid. For this, the openings in the e-liquid will be narrowed if the latter contains a lot of PG to reduce the risk of leakage, or on the contrary, increased if the liquid is heavily dosed Vegetable Glycerin to allow cotton to imbibe more quickly. Vegetable Glycerin is quite well used for gourmet e-liquids, gourmet tobacco, and gourmet fruit.

The choice of the ratio of PG / VG depends on your expectations of the electronic cigarette, if you want to enjoy a taste and a certain character (80/20 , 70/30 or 60/40) or if you prefer to produce more steam with a softer feel (40/60 , 30/70 , 20/80 or 100% VG ). Many e-liquids are made in 50/50 to have the best of 2 constituents. We have made available a specific filter to help you quickly find a selection of e-liquids according to your choice for this ratio.

To know how to choose your liquid, strength, sensation, demonstration, are elements that the smoker needs to find in addition to the gesture, but what about the taste?

Mono Aroma and complex flavours

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It is often said that when you stop smoking, you find the taste and it is sometimes difficult also to be exposed to an ocean of flavors, including in the culinary field.