Which sport and how often? Your Answers

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If you find yourself struggling with the choice of what sport your child can do, there are some tips we can give you: although many parents would like to force their children to choose a particular sport, perhaps because they too were champions as young people, or because he would have liked it a lot, or because they believe that a certain sport has a greater career potential, or even just because they consider it the best regardless, remember that imposing a sport on your child is not always the winning choice, but will risk having the opposite effect. For 먹튀신고 this is essential.

The Right Sports Option

To do sport is an opportunity that you have to offer to your children, a pleasant diversion and a moment of play and fun, unrelated to the home and school environment, to give them an opportunity to grow, have fun and experience outside the home, in a protected environment; it should never be an obligation to be subjected to, perhaps with the pressure and expectation of having to achieve a certain result, to make loved ones of the investment made proud and satisfied.

  • Especially in childhood, in sport the playful and socializing aspect must prevail, so the best solution is to let your child choose, or choose with him, which sport he can like best, based on different factors: how long he has available during the week to practice it, what sports do your companions and friends do, what are your passions and personal attitudes and so on.

You can also let him experience more sporting activities so that he can have a comparison meter of what he likes best, thus allowing him to decide when to stop an activity that no longer interests him while respecting the commitments made with the team and the instructors. Beyond games and fun, sport can also be used to educate our children in choosing and taking on responsibility, towards others and their social group.

Your Choice

Once you have made the most important choice, you will be the parent to have to organize it, to get it the right equipment and take it to the scheduled appointments, in the gym, by the pool, on the field or off-site, perhaps to participate in the first races and the first regional championships.


This commitment on your part is fundamental, to make your children understand the value of time, their own and others, and the importance of respecting the commitments made, so you will have to organize yourself perfectly to fit this passion of yours into your daily routine, between domestic and work commitments.

In this sense you can rest assured, because it is not said that for you it must be a heavy and unsustainable commitment: according to psychologists and paediatricians, a good frequency for doing sports, for a child aged 6 and up, is about two or three times a week, depending of course on the type of sport, even less if already at school are offered physical education courses commensurate with the age of your children and designed to favor their well-being and physical development.