The Garage doors and their various panels

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The garage doors gloucester are the closest used at the entrance of the huge room that is used to park the vehicles. It is a huge room inside your house compound, but still not that safe. So the large doors are used to cover up the entrance of the garage.

There are several materials used to make the garage doors, like aluminum, steel and wood.

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Here are some of the types of garage doors based on the shape. They can be classified on the basis of their panels, the shape and the type of their closure.

The Single panel garage doors

The single panel doors are designed in one panel. It is in the closed position and the panel opens by swinging up and above with the hinge on both sides to open the door completely. In single panel doors, the vehicles need to be parked a little away from the gate to avoid any type of hit on the car, whenever the gate opens.

The single panel door can also be put in the frame, which gets folded on the horizontal track on both sides. It can also be rolled at the top. If you use the track hardware then your car can be parked near to the door, it will not cause any damage to your car, and the door will rest on the door header of the garage.

The Sectional garage doors

The sectional garage doors consist of about three to eight panels, they slide in upward and over the head direction. The internal space taken by the sectional door is the same as the single panel doors. The sectional doors have two major benefits as compared to the single panel doors :

  • In sectional doors, the vehicle can be parked near to the door, it has sufficient space. And the garage door does not need any space in the outer area to open.
  • In the sectional door, the panels have their own direct connection to the door track. It increases the dependability and the strongest of the doors as compared to the single panel does. Because the single panel doors have very little connection to the door track.

The sliding sectional doors have other benefits too, including, the lot of area under the garage ceiling, you can occupy the whole area of the garage. It also gives you quick access to the garage. They provide very good insulation, then the single panel monolithic doors.

Roller doors

The roller doors are made up of sheets of steel. They can be used at the entrance and the windows. It is rust-free and can be easily painted. The roller doors are attached to the ceiling and get rolled up in the cover either by hand or by the motor that is fixed. It consists of a lot of springs, to roll up the door. These springs are attached to make the mechanism easier. The rolling up of the garage door becomes easier.


In this article, you will get to read about garage doors and some of the types of them.