Which are the Best VISA to come to Australia?

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Australia is still a hub of opportunities for international students and skilled workers. In this article, we highlight some major types of visa through which you can also travel to Australia

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Nowadays, Australia has become one of the most popular nations among all generations. Most international students and visitors want to live & getting work experience and enjoy their quality of life. In a survey, it has been cleared that the overall population of Australia will reach up to 40-50 Million by 2050. These results will be produced due to the effective immigration Policy. When it comes to visas, the major things or factors that matter is the list of conditions that are attached to your respective visa.

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Type of Visas for Travelling Australia

Well, according to the requirements, fIVE types of Visas available are issued by the Department of Home Affairs, some of them are explained below:

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

Before coming to Australia make sure you have an appropriate visa according to your profile just like a skilled independent visa. This visa is permanent & also known as a platinum ticket. In this permanent visa, the candidate received a five-year multiple entry visa that allows you to live, enjoy and work in Australia. Many Immigration experts revealed that a person has to live only two years in Australia for re-issuing his/her visa for the next five years. Along with that, if you live four years continuously in Australia, you will be able to get PR or Citizenship.

The overall processing time for this visa is 12 months.

Partner Visa under (subclass 801)

The partner visa is best due to its excellent conditions & requirements. One of the real requirements for applying a Partner visa is a genuine & perfect relationship. This visa is very hard to get if your relationship is fake. Moreover, the main fact about subclass 801 is that it cannot rely on a skilled occupation. Due to some reasons, extraordinary changes are expected to be made immediately. You have to pay AUD 7000 and it takes about 23 months to cover or issue.

Permanent Protection Visa (Subclass 866)

If refugees arrived via plane then they are eligible for the permanent protection visa. According to the asylum seeker research center, those refugees who fall under the permanent protection visa category have the right or eligible to sponsor or invite their family and work in every firm as like every Australian did. If you want to apply for this visa then you must pay 35$ and the processing time varies accordingly.

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482)

It is a type of work visa which permits several Australian employees to sponsor an individual from all over the world except India to live & work in their organization. This visa comes under subclass 482 which is recently switched with the subclass 457.

Visitor Visa (Subclass 651)

This visa is the most common type through which you can travel to Australia easily & efficiently. Candidates or applicants who fall under the 651 subclass category can get their visitor visa within a single working day. Under this visa, individuals can live in Australia until their visa ended i.e. Three or four months. It is free of cost procedure.