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It is considered the first product of felted fluff in the history of mankind. Berets were popular in the Middle Ages when they were sewn from velvet and abundantly decorated. Later, a beret hanging to the shoulders became a symbol of a poor but proud artist. For the last two centuries, small woolen berets have been worn by small children, representatives of the creative and scientific intelligentsia, painters and carpenters, elderly people, alpine shooters, as well as residents of Bearn and Scotland as a national headdress. At different times, the beret was loved by Madonna, Dizzy Gilespie, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Oleg Yankovsky. Now with the maga hat at trumpmagas you can have the best options available.

The most popular shipping company is the Kangol. She supplied berets to the front of World War II, and since then she has no equal in her business.

Apple cap

maga hat at trumpmagas

In Russian, this miracle is called a cap. Quite voluminous soft cap almost takes with a visor. Singing blacks brought into fashion an apple cap: violent Negro curls easily fit into colorful bags, and the visor gave the black guy a dash and trendy look. In the period of rave madness of the 90s, bright hanging drops were very useful. This time they were worn by club patrons. Apple cap has become a field of expression for designers and progressive singles with ideas. Cartouches were made of fur and velvet, embroidered with precious stones, painted with obscene words and fluorescent colors.


It is more than just a hat. They say that before putting it up for sale, it is combed by hand at least ten thousand times. This hat has wide fields and is made of black and white rabbit wool. The test for a Borsalino hat is to roll it into a very tight tube and pull it through a wedding ring. If the hat does not wrinkle and does not lose its shape, then this is a real Borsalino.

Borsalino is a special elite style that for many decades has served as a hallmark of the highest circles of the Italian and French mafia. The tough guys from the underworld in Milan and Marseilles were called Borsalino.

The history of the brand began in 1857 in Italy, in the city of Alessandria. Giuseppe Borsalino, a twenty-year-old Italian, passionately dreamed of making the best hats in the world. He went to learn the secrets of hats production to France and then opened his own small workshop in his hometown. Over the years, the sons of Giuseppe, who continued his work, increased the production of hats hundreds of times. Gradually, the proper name Borsalino became a household name. Borsalino has long been understood as a soft felt hat fedora with a silk ribbon on the top and three dents.

Cinema has contributed a lot to the popularity of Borsalino hats. People in different parts of the world wanted to wear exactly what adorned the heads of Harrison Ford in the adventures of Indiana Jones or Alain Delon and Paul Belmondo in the film with the eloquent title of Borsalino.

In 1986, when the Borsalino factory moved to a new, more modern site in the suburbs of Alessandria, the old premises were donated to the University of Alessandria under the Museum of the History of Headwear. It has become a symbol of global brand recognition.