The Important Role Of Instagram Stories In Your Marketing

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Instagram stories are so popular these days and if you have been marketing using Instagram or even if you follow people who know their ways around the digital marketing using social media you will tend to notice a trend where Instagram stories are so popular and are being used essentially to promote their products and increase their potential customers(also known as making the funnel bigger).

There are so many benefits in using Instagram stories that help you and your business reach a new online zenith. First and foremost, they are quite different from posts and videos since now that we have stories that stay just for 24 hours makes it easy to manage all the products that you are showcasing at your business page. If you want to post something you can still do that and also promote your posts in your stories which makes them so useful.

Stories can be edited which makes it so much more exciting since we have so much more potential and we can show our creativity in the stories. There are so many varieties of stickers to use, a vast library of gifs that make your story much more eye-catching and in turn lets us attract more people to notice our products. Now with the new feature, we can even add music to these stories just by searching for a song and we can even choose the part we want to play.

These are the reasons why stories are so important in marketing strategy. Also, whenever your followers open their Instagram the first thing they will see is your icon displaying a colored ring around your profile photo and in turn will let them know that you have you uploaded a new story which makes them notice your stories more than posts which might be stacked below in other post made by other people. This takes so much pressure for you (or your content creator) since you don’t have to keep a mindset for creating a perfect post.

Whenever a brand or a company is hosting or visiting an event people take pictures to promote their company and sometimes we there are so many instances that you want to share with your followers and potential new clients but posting 10-20 pictures or videos about a single event might seem really over the board and that might annoy people so you can use stories to post a stack which they will see for some time but won’t bombard their app and in turn, affecting their mindset about your company.

If you are not using stories as they should be you are missing out on so much untouched arena of potential customers and losing appeased customers that will make your business bloom if only you knew how to use them. So, you should properly think and use this feature to its best. There is a reason why these are called stories because it is a way of telling people a small story or something that you liked enough to share with others. Make these stories irresistible by using the arsenal of tools at your footsteps. Take examples from other pages and see how they make their stories like the national geographic page which has so many different ways of reaching their followers and keep making new content.

You can use another great feature that comes with stories. It called “highlights” which tags all the stories that you choose onto your page (at the top) and makes them visible to everyone who visits your page. This gives you a chance to make your stories and post so versatile since you can really differentiate between the two and also create a clear distinction in the type of content you are uploading or the products that you are showing on your Instagram page.

Using the highlight features you can also group certain stories and create different groups of those stories. This is so useful for you since you can even further differentiate the content you are showing and group up all the content that is similar to one another which makes it easy to find if someone is looking for it. For instance, you can group up all the stories from the event you attended which makes it easy for someone if they are looking for something specific that they wanted to see again. Also, remember that even if the stories are gone (if its’ been more than 24 hours) you can add them to highlights by using the archive section which stores all the stories that you posted. You can use the archive feature in the post too since you can archive them and bring them back using this feature whenever you want.

You should always try to reach more people by using certain methods like buy Instagram story views since there are authentic ways to do that but you need to be really careful since most of them could be fraud trying to steal money by giving you bot views which are essentially bot ids, not actual users. There are other things you can do too like buying Instagram likes on your post(prices are different for different people, like, buy 20 Instagram likes for 2 dollars) but I would advise you to try your best and keep everything on your own. You can also use other social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat to extend your reach with the followers and making your company or brand more known which in turn generates more customers (or clients). But you should always keep your content unique and try to avoid posting the same thing at 4 different places, you can make certain changes to the original photos and just add a little spice which is unique and different for every social media app that you are using for your online business. That is the effective way of digital marketing using social media. Also, make sure that you are using stories the way they are intended to and you will, for sure, get new customers ( or at least your current followers will be appealed).