Offshore banking – illegal transactions

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Offshore banks are present in different parts of the world and are not in large numbers. Since this bank won’t reveal the account holders’ information, the account holders can deposit a large amount of money in these banks and are free from taxes or subjected to fewer tax burdens. Offshore Banking  sectors have increased to a more considerable extent in the past decade and are among the essential sources to hide black money. Not all people use these banks to hide their cash; some use them for the service and the amount of safety they provide. These offshore banks have mostly been placed in Islands, but there are a certain number of banks that are not in Islands also. The amounts deposited in these banks are net worth of around 20 trillion US dollars. It is nearly more than one-fourth of the number of world transactions are made through these offshore banks.

Offshore Banking

Offshore Banks

Many governments will impose a tax on bank account holders when they have a certain balance above the limit of their countries policy. These offshore banks will not impose such tariffs, and hence the majority of the people around the world with a large number of assets will have an account in these offshore banks. The funds in these banks have been used for any illegal activities such as drug and weapon mafia. The drug supplies worldwide are running with the support of these offshore banking funds or the people having accounts in these banks are using to do drug business. The weapons that have been banned in one country have moved to another state where such weapons are prohibited are bought using these funds. The amount of terrorism increased with these types of banking sectors began to reach a peak. The terrorist uses a large variety of weapons in different parts of the world which are not from the same country they are in it. They are exported from various other countries and have paid using these kinds of international funds to avoid disclosing the purpose of the payment to no one. A person holding an offshore bank account cannot frequently visit these offshore banks and check their account details. Because it usually a typical process to visit that place and also costs a lot to see them. The majority of the people having an account are not from the middle class. These banks are a reason for a countries economic growth to fall since the amount of tax each person has to pay to the amount he stores in these banks will contribute to the nation’s economy. All the people having the account and trying to hide their net worth amount of income to the government are criminals and must be punished severely. A person must know that he must pay all the taxes accordingly to support his country’s economy and make their state appear one of the superpowers. These offshore banks also provide all facilities similar to other onshore banks but are not suggested by many experts. Moreover, this company is the widest one that should be referred to as an artificial entity.