Gambling Facts

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We all know that gambling is a game that has millions of people who love to play it. There are so many games of gambling that each one has a story. Gambling has been with us for a long time and that’s why there are many stories related to this industry. There are many interesting things that happened over time and it would be really cool to know about these things. If you are interested in knowing about some interesting facts about casinos, then we are here to help you as we will be telling you some of the major and interesting facts today.

Father of Steve Jobs is a casino billionaire

Steve Jobs has been a huge public figure and we all know how successful and rich he is. Being the co-founder, former CEO, and figurehead of Apple, he is known for his genius mind and excellence. For some people Jobs is an inspiration and we all know that he has impacted the brand Apple to a huge level. There are many people who dream of running a business just the way he did as he has become a signature of success. He brought a huge evolution in the industry of information technology through his genius mind.

Apple is one of the larger tech companies when it comes to revenue; producing everything from mobile devices, tablets, and other widely popular gadgets. But we all just know about Steve Jobs and not his family background. Before the death of this legend, his biographer revealed that Jobs was adopted whose biological father was Abdulfattah John Jandali who was a Syrian refugee from the city of Homs. He was also a big personality in the business world and a Ph.D. holder in political science and economics. The interesting fact about him is that he was the vice president of a successful casino in Reno, Nevada, the Boomtown Casino and Hotel which was famous for its Lobster Buffet.

CEO and founder of FedEx saved the company with the help of gambling

We all are aware of FedEx. It is one of the biggest multinational courier delivery service companies across the globe. But there is something that not everyone knows and that is the bold and courageous move by the company’s founder Fred Smith which saved the company. Every business owner dreams of doing something huge in its business and Smith was not different. He dreamed of developing his business and taking it to the next level but the problems started to come on his path of success. It was in the 1970s when the world faced the fuel crisis and that increased the price of fuel. For a business like a courier delivery, where fuel is involved, a huge misfortune is faced during the fuel crisis and that’s why FedEx faced a huge loss. The shipment costs of FedEx increased dramatically. The company lost nearly $1 million in just a month and he was at the edge of bankruptcy. Since the company was not doing a great job, investors started pulling out of the seemingly doomed business, and Smith was out of options.

But Smith was a true businessman and didn’t know how to quit, he decided to save the company and took a big decision to use the last $5000 of the company to gamble at the table of blackjack. This sounds highly dangerous and risky. Smith ended up winning $32,000 which was enough to revive the company and after that we all know how big of a success FedEx became.

Most notorious criminal of China lost at a Macau Casino

Many times the gambling can overlap with the criminal world and this was exactly what happened in China with one of the most notorious crime bosses and gamblers called Cheung Tze-keung who is better known as “Big Spender.” The problem with him was that he made his name based on a string of armed robberies and high-profile kidnappings. All these crimes helped in earning millions of dollars and we don’t think he was apologetic for that. There are many famous kidnapping stories that include Big Spender and one such story is when he kidnapped the son of the wealthiest man in China called Li Ka Shing in 1996. He demanded $178 million in ransom money. Just like most of the criminals, he tried to hide his identity but ended up getting discovered in Macau after having eventually lost some $200 million in the gambling game. At that time he was planning to kidnap one of the most famous casino magnates of Macau called Stanley Ho but his planning didn’t go well and he was caught by the authorities. He was then arrested and imprisoned.

Las Vegas used to draw the attention of the crowd with the help of Atomic Bomb

This sounds like something that would be written in Pynchon’s novel but it is not something fictional as it is actually one of the crazy facts about gambling/casinos. It all started in 1951 when the US Department of Energy started detonating thousands of test nuclear bombs some 65 miles northwest of Glitter Gulch. To witness massive mushroom clouds that were visible from the town’s decadent casinos, many visitors used to come to Las Vegas. This became a great business opportunity for casino owners. These casinos used to adverse their businesses by saying that people come to the Strip, gamble, and join in on the festivities at “Atomic Bomb Parties” and even “Miss Atomic Energy” beauty pageants.

There are a lot of facts that are in the casino world because this industry is so big, that everyday something interesting happens. There are many famous casinos like 더킹카지노 which are highly famous and in such casinos, a new fact is born. Many people are entering the world of casinos and that’s why you can witness something crazy happening on a daily basis. These are just some of the facts related to this big world of casinos. In reality, there are a lot of them and they are pretty interesting to read.