Everything About Alopecia Totalis

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Typically, the term Alopecia Totalis is a kind of skin condition that is responsible for hair loss or hair thinning. It is not the same as localized alopecia areata that damage the overall scalp of a person by developing some patches over it after hair fall.. In this article, we will outline some important facts about Alopecia Totalis disorder & its treatment

This disorder is quite different and harmful as it can cause complete baldness on the scalp. People suffering from this can feel embarrassed and don’t want to share their disorder with anyone. There is another form of this disorder known as Alopecia Universalis which can cause the entire hair loss from all over the body.

People who experience the harmful effects of this disorder can consult with a professional surgeon or go for hair transplant surgery.

What are the Symptoms of Alopecia Totalis disorder?

The prime symptom of this disorder is the complete loss of hair from the scalp or head. Before reaching this stage, a person suffers from its previous form i.e. Alopecia areata which begin in the form of small patches on the scalp. Moreover, these patches increased with time and may turn into complete baldness. If you have brittle nails in that case, hair fall also occurs quickly.

What are the harmful causes of Alopecia Totalis?

In a research study, it has been found that there is no root cause of this disorder, but in some results, it has been cleared that it arises due to the Immunity problems. Our immunity system acts as a protective or defensive shield from the deadly germs and harmful diseases. Sometimes, the immune system attacks healthier tissues and makes our bodies weak. If your immune system is very weak then this may lead to inflammation that causes hair loss or even baldness.

How is this disease checked?

This disease is associated with skin, so it comes under a dermatologist. He effectively diagnosed your body and this is performed with the help of a visual test. Moreover, your surgeon deeply examines your head and checks which kind of hair loss you have and suggests you the exact hair transplant technique.

What are the Risk factors of this disease?

Some people have a higher risk of this disorder especially small children and Adults. There is no limit to this disease and it can occur to anyone. Young people aged 40 are deeply affected by this disease. The doctor has revealed a relationship between higher stress and Alopecia. But the main reason that is found in the weaker immune system.

What are the different ways to treat Alopecia Totalis disease?

Once your doctor properly diagnoses you, then he/she will consider the best possible treatment of it . Following are some effective therapies that reduce the risk factors of it:

Therapy 1. Corticosteroids

This therapy is effective & powerful to surpass this disorder. In this procedure, your doctor put an injection to stop the immune system from attacking the healthier tissues. As a result, you may experience less hair loss and proper regrowth of hair.

Therapy 2. Topical Immunotherapy

This treatment works efficiently to produce better results. It enhances your immune system & protects your body from harmful diseases. It also helps in better stimulation of the hair and boosts up the overall hair growth rate.