All You Need to Know About Property Consultation

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Give preference to an agent who is experienced. He will have acquired relationships that may be useful to you. But beware, real estate agents with some experience can also promise you “world and wonder”. A visit to makes it perfect now.

Typical case: you are looking for a house with a swimming pool. He shows you a house without the pool and tells you that it is possible. Do not believe his word. Ask the town hall about the local town planning.

Must know how to communicate

It is important to be able to communicate both to attract customers and to complete the negotiation process.

He must have bargaining power

We end a sale with a negotiation. So that a real estate agent does not exist without the power of negotiation, responsible for reconciling the interests of all sides and leading to the common good.

The real estate agent wants to receive his commission. Do not say that you are not ready for negotiation: if you opt for this solution, the real estate agent will take a few customers to visit the house. Its interest: you simply lower the sale price.

Must be persistent

The profession of real estate agent requires a lot of persistence because things can take a long time to happen.

The professional who works in the region achieves better results when he has a well known and respected name on the market, which is not obtained quickly. But beware of experienced real estate agents as explained above. They use their power to your detriment.

“You must be nice”

This functionality undoubtedly defines the quality of a real estate agent. Any customer prefers to do business when he is treated well, which makes sympathy one of the most decisive aspects when it comes to making a sale.

Must show commitment

The realtor will need to be interested in your story, worrying about how much the client can invest and their needs. He also asks you questions to get to know you better in order to use them when negotiating too.

Must present solutions before, during and after the real estate transaction

He must be present during the entire sales process, whether it is for sale, for the signature to the notary or even the meter reading. I have had the experience of having real estate agents who forget these essential points. If the real estate agent relieves you, beware.

Among the 17 trades that it is possible to practice in a real estate agency, the real estate advisor, or negotiator, is an emblem of the activity of the sector. Because he is most often in the field, at the heart of the agency’s activity, he calls on the commercial sense, motivation and dynamism, as well as solid knowledge in the legal, administrative fields and financial.


Within the real estate agency, the advisor searches and estimates the real estate to sell or to rent. He promotes these goods to potential buyers and visits with targeted customers. He regularly monitors his client portfolio of sellers and buyers. He manages transactions until they are concluded, in legal, administrative and financial terms.

The techniques he uses are negotiation, prospecting, real estate law, financing, while his personal skills must be those of listening, fluency in communication, dynamism, tenacity, sense of the result, the ability to adapt, and the spirit of synthesis.